Locate Florida Microbreweries to enjoy at home

Interested in Craft Beer? Craft Breweries? Craft Beer Festivals? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We here at Florida Craft Beer Finder have tapped the craft beer scene and brought you a listing of the microbreweries in Florida. Since we enjoy a great craft beer at home, we figured why not share that enjoyment with you.

We love craft beer, especially when there is a deal on it. So if we find a great deal on craft beer, you can bet we will let you know too.

It’s great to enjoy that cold craft one at home, but sometimes it’s even better at the actual brewery. We’ve grouped all the breweries together by region to make it easier on you finding that great microbrewery near you. Take it from us, a cold craft beer straight from the brewery’s tap is the best!

Support your local microbrewery, drink Florida Crafted!

This is your first step in finding true Florida craft beer to enjoy out on the water, out in the woods, or out on the porch. Throughout Florida, there are numerous microbreweries creating excellent craft beer. Most of which can be purchased from a retailer. We’ll help you find those retailers.

With all the hype lately regarding craft beer, most would agree that craft beer is a distinctive beer brewed by a small brewery not meant to appeal to the masses but rather to a true beer lover.
(Not Budweiser!!)